Spider Control

Spiders aren’t insects they are Araneae .Spiders can be difficult to control with just a pesticide application alone. A pesticide application affects spiders in two ways .First if a spider comes in direct contact with the pesticide it will die. An additional benefit from a pest control service is that it also eliminates insects spiders eat such as ants,crickets,earwigs  and other broad spectrum of pests. In this case it is very common to see spider-webs.

Due to the diminished insect population Residual spiders will web in open areas. This may last a few weeks after your pest control service. Eventually the spiders will be eliminated by starvation or from pesticide contact. For more info about spider control visit our pest library or fell free to give us a call.

6 thoughts on “Spider Control

  1. Salwa

    I need to check this out I am so arachnophobic it’s ruiucilods, and like Babs spiders are the only creatures I see. I seriously just about go into meltdown every time I see one bigger than a nickel (and seriously, do they hatch that big because those are the only ones that seem to make themselves known!) because I HAVE to kill them! I just can NOT live knowing it’s alive in my house, probably laying eggs in strategic places I feel like crying just thinking about this. *sigh*

  2. Fred Harvey

    According to research in order to kill their prey, all spiders use venom. Not all spiders however are dangerous to humans. If Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluse Spiders, Hobo Spiders and European House Spiders are found, pest control treatment should be considered. These spiders do not create spider webs indoors.

  3. Jay Jorgenson

    I really like what was said about how spiders need a food supply to live in your house and if you use pest control to cut that off, then you get rid of the spiders. This makes a lot of sense to me and I never really thought about it before. I am definitely going to look into this for the future!

  4. Johnathan

    Spiders can cause a massive problem in homes, though from what I’ve read not all of them are dangerous. Though if you have spiders like the black widow in your home definitely call an exterminator or some other pest removal service for help!

  5. Carl Cameron

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful information with us all it will be very beneficial to the so many peoples and I will share this to those. Thanks for sharing this interesting article ever.

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