How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: A Comprehensive Guide For Murrieta Homeowners

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If you see that one cockroach has found its way into your home, there is a good possibility of plenty more hiding in your house somewhere. These bugs carry a whole host of bacteria that can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

If you are seeing roaches in your home, you need to take immediate action to get rid of them. At Integrity Pest Elimination, we understand that cockroach control is a vital part of maintaining a healthy environment in your home. Our Murrieta pest control professionals know the most effective ways to keep roaches out of your home.

Understanding The Cockroach Problem: Identifying The Culprits

The oriental, American, and German cockroaches are the most common types of roaches that our cockroach removal teams deal with in Murrietta. These three species can measure from 1/2 to over 2 inches long. They can also come in a variety of colors that usually consist of black, brown, tan, or yellow. 

All cockroaches tend to have flat, oval-shaped bodies and two long antennae. They also have six legs with thin spikes, allowing them to run on vertical surfaces. Some roaches also have two pairs of wings and are able to fly. 

When a cockroach is ready to reproduce, instead of laying eggs, it will lay one egg sac that can contain around 30 eggs at once. These sacs are called ootheca and are usually small, rectangular, and can range in color from yellow to dark brown. Seeing roaches or ootheca in your home indicates that you most likely have already had a roach infestation. You should contact a cockroach control expert to determine the severity of the problem. 

Health Risks: Cockroaches Spread Disease And Trigger Allergies

Cockroaches can cause a lot of health problems in people and pets. They can spread various bacteria through their urine and feces that can cause severe illnesses like salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, and E. coli infections. 

Roaches are also known to shed their skin as they grow. The insects’ skin that sheds, as well as their urine, feces, and saliva, contains a protein known to cause severe allergic reactions in some people. If you see any roaches in your home, you should never try to pick them up or catch them. Instead, call a cockroach exterminator. A professional can safely remove cockroaches from your home to reduce your chances of getting sick. 

Expert Cockroach Elimination: Call In The Pros Right Away

Once your home has a severe roach infestation, professional roach exterminators are almost always required to eliminate all the bugs at every stage of life. Because roaches can reproduce rapidly, it doesn't take long for a mild roach infestation to become a severe problem. If you find even one roach inside your home, consult a professional as soon as possible. 

Maintenance Tips: Ensuring Long-Term Cockroach Control

Maintaining a roach-free home is not as difficult as you might think. Once the roaches are eliminated from your home, try implementing these practical tips to ensure they return:

  • Fix water leaks right away.

  • Reduce clutter in and around your home. 

  • Keep pantry food and pet food in airtight containers.

Teaming up with the professional cockroach exterminators at Integrity Pest Elimination is the best way to solve your cockroach problems. Once we eliminate these dangerous bugs from your Murrietta home, we have a variety of multi-service plans to choose from that will help ensure that these creatures never come back. Reach out today for help with cockroaches and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Murrieta.

Customer Reviews

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Clarence was awesome, and my whole experience with Integrity Pest Elimination has been great! I called them on a Monday, didn't leave a voice mail (hate leaving them!) Got a call back within minutes, he set me right up with Pam who scheduled a free inspection and on Wednesday Clarence was right on time, listened to me attentively, checked some things out and gave me a couple of (rat) traps for free! Gave me some tips about switching them around and made sure I knew what to expect. I'm very pleased with this company and will be sure to give them a call if and when I need pest elimination again.

Audrey N.

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