How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your Murrieta Home

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Earwigs are a fairly uncommon pest; in fact, they are considered occasional invaders. Occasional invaders are pests that typically invade homes in response to changing weather conditions or environmental factors. When earwigs get into a home, they can give homeowners quite a scare. Though the old stories about earwigs crawling into people’s ears at night are just myths, earwigs can still create some problems in your house if they aren’t handled properly.

Luckily, the pest experts at Integrity Pest Elimination are here to give you all the information that you need on these pests. We offer the best pest control in Murrieta, and you can be confident that when you choose our services, you’re getting the best pest control that money can buy. Let’s start with how to identify earwigs in your home.

What Are Earwigs?

The first question we have to answer is, “what is an earwig?” Earwigs are long, narrow insects with six legs and two very thin antennae that can sometimes measure up to half the length of their bodies. They have a pair of pincers on the backs of their abdomens. Their bodies are flattened and divided into segments, and they are usually between a quarter of an inch and an inch long.

Earwigs vary in color from pale brown to reddish brown to black. Some will have dark markings on their bodies as well. Although they have two pairs of wings, not all species of earwigs can fly. Those that can fly can only do so over short distances. There are more than 20 different species of earwigs found in the United States.

Earwigs get their name from the superstitious belief that they would crawl into people’s ears and consume their brains while they were sleeping. This belief is a myth with no scientific backing. Now that you know how to identify an earwig, let’s answer another important question: are earwigs dangerous?

Earwigs Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

Fortunately, earwigs are not known to be a danger to humans or homes. Unlike many other insects, they have no reason to approach humans. They don’t contaminate food or spread any known diseases. While earwigs do not bite, they may pinch if they are picked up or disturbed. This pinch can be painful, but it’s rarely strong enough to even break the skin.

The biggest threat earwigs actually present is to your gardens, as they tend to prefer plant matter to other types of food, and some species will eat seedlings. Next, let’s talk about what you can do to prevent earwig infestations.

Simple Yet Effective Earwig Prevention Tips

There are a few things you can do that will keep earwigs away from your home. Here are some simple tips:

  • Get rid of any source of excess moisture or standing water.
  • Don’t let leaves and mulch pile up in your yard.
  • Avoid storing firewood near your home or directly on the ground.
  • Make sure that all your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly.

These steps should help you avoid having to deal with an earwig infestation in your house. If you do find yourself facing these pests, however, it’s best to call a professional home pest control company like Integrity Pest Elimination for efficient removal.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Earwig Problem

If you need to get rid of earwigs, look no further than the professionals at Integrity Pest Elimination. We founded our company on the belief that each customer’s unique needs deserve personal attention.

We will work with you to understand and address your individual situation. Call Integrity Pest Elimination today!

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Clarence was awesome, and my whole experience with Integrity Pest Elimination has been great! I called them on a Monday, didn't leave a voice mail (hate leaving them!) Got a call back within minutes, he set me right up with Pam who scheduled a free inspection and on Wednesday Clarence was right on time, listened to me attentively, checked some things out and gave me a couple of (rat) traps for free! Gave me some tips about switching them around and made sure I knew what to expect. I'm very pleased with this company and will be sure to give them a call if and when I need pest elimination again.

Audrey N.

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