Tips For Rat And Mice Control

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How To Prevent Rodent Activity:

  • Don’t feed pets outside. Don’t leave pet food out overnight or for long periods of time during the day.
  • Keep garbage in sturdy cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Don’t feed birds, squirrels, or other wildlife. Birdseed, peanuts, and other food left on the ground will attract rodents.
  • Eliminate standing water if possible.
  • Cover drains with properly fitted lids.
  • Use compose bins that have holes no bigger than ¼ inch.
  • Don’t let trash and junk pile up in your yard, shed or garage.

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Customer Reviews

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Pam helped me over the phone and managed to get me an appointment the next day to have my home sprayed for spiders and other bugs mainly in the backyard for the safety of my 18 month old and my German shepherd. Cody came out to help me and was so nice and knowledgeable!!! He made me feel comfortable and gave me a ton of helpful info. I have a 90 day guarantee if anything makes it back and lives. Hopefully I won’t have to call back but next year I will be having them come out again but earlier this time!!

Lindsay M.

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