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Expert Rodent Control For Your Murrieta Home

Rodents are a common concern for Murrieta area residents, damaging insulation, chewing wires, and spreading illnesses around your home. They can fit through tiny crevices and hide in hard-to-see places, so you might only recognize an infestation when you hear soft scratching behind walls.

At Integrity Pest Elimination, our pest professionals quickly and effectively find and remove house rodents. We develop customized solutions to meet your needs and provide personal attention to customers. Our eco-friendly products eliminate infestations while protecting your pets and family.

Our team is here to get these pests away from your house. Call us today to learn how we'll get rid of mice and rats on your property.

Our Rodent Control Method

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Rodents cause significant damage when they invade Murrieta homes, chewing electrical wires and digging through insulation. They can also spread various illnesses to your family. Rodent control professionals can get these pests out of your house to limit these problems.

At Integrity Pest Elimination, we use a thorough process to eliminate rodents, including removing the pests and preventing future invasions. We start by inspecting your house to identify the rodents taking up residence. Identification is essential because the best treatment depends on the type of rodent.

Once we identify the rodent, we'll eliminate common attractants and seal potential entry points to keep others from getting inside. At this point, our pest professionals will advise you on any repairs or modifications to prevent future infestations.

The next step is placing traps in common areas where rodents reside and monitoring those areas for activity. Some of the devices we use during this process include:

  • Snap traps
  • Glue traps
  • Live traps

In addition to traps, we might also use rodenticide products to handle particularly difficult-to-remove rodents. We'll determine the best products, and our professionals will safely and effectively apply them to protect people, pets, and the environment.

Following our initial visit, we can return bimonthly or quarterly to continue protecting your property from rodents. These follow-up visits may include inspections, exclusions, and sanitation practices.

Rodents can cause severe problems when they invade your Murrieta home, threatening your structure, health, and finances. Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive rodent control.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent Control

Rats and mice are the most common types of rodents that invade houses. While the two look similar, their sizes and tails differ. Rats are about five inches longer than mice and heavier. A mouse tail is long, thin, and covered in hair; a rat tail is short and hairless. Some common signs of their presence include gnawing marks, droppings, and nesting materials around your home.

Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home With Professional Rodent Control

Rodents can be dangerous when they invade your home, causing damage and spreading illnesses to occupants. While you might hear these pests scurrying around your property, they can be hard to find and eliminate. Fortunately, the best rodent control near you can remove these pests from your Murrieta home.

Our pest professionals at Integrity Pest Elimination are local and ready to help you with your rodent control needs. Every situation is unique, so we customize our treatments to ensure you get the most effective service. We take the time to fully understand your concerns and address every one of your pest needs.

Our professionals are fully educated and trained on the local pests in Murrieta. As a result, they know how to safely and effectively remove rodents from your home, keeping your family safe from these potentially dangerous intruders. We also keep our staff up-to-date on cutting-edge products and techniques, ensuring the safest and most efficient removal of pests from your property.

Rodents can cause considerable damage when they remain in your building. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have about rodents or how we can remove them. Contact us today to discover how we can make your property rodent-free.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome costumer service! We had a very bad roach infection when we first bought the house and Clarence  came out and did the job god rid of all of the infestation when I thought it was not possible and  he has maintained it so they won’t come back and have not seen one cockroach since or have any bug problems. He comes out every 3 months and we are very happy with the service!!!

Amanda P.

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